•  “I believe that the SABIS® Educational System™ is very effective when implemented properly. Classical drilling, strict routines, relevant subject matter, enthusiastic and motivated teachers all contribute to make a successful learning environment for our students.”

    Ms. Neila Brummer, Grade 1 & 2 teacher
    ISC-Umm Al Quwain

  •  “I believe that the SABIS® Educational System™ is very effective when implemented properly. Classical drilling, strict routines, relevant subject matter, enthusiastic and “The curriculum is designed to ensure students in each grade are learning at a high standard/level especially when compared to students in other schools.  Students at SABIS® Network schools are notably ahead of many children not in the system but of the same age.

    Within the system continuous assessment is ongoing from week one until the final week of the academic year.  Any gaps in learning are picked up immediately giving teachers the opportunity to focus on students struggling with concepts.  The testing system is efficient in that feedback is received immediately and issues are dealt with promptly.

    Teachers in SABIS® Network schools around the world are trained in SABIS® teaching methods. This ensures that all our students are being taught in the same way and receiving the same benefits from the system. The overall consistency of the SABIS® Educational System™ is excellent.

    The way in which the exams are carried out from such a young age is hugely beneficial to the children in terms of future exam experiences.  They are trained from a young age regarding the importance of studying for an exam, reading questions carefully, exam procedures, and time management, all of which prepare our students very well for university.”
    motivated teachers all contribute to make a successful learning environment for our students.”

    Ms. Loraine Doyle, Gr.1/Gr.2 Teacher
    ISC-Umm Al Quwain

  • SABIS® prepares meticulously documentation to cater for all students. The education they offer is of a high academic standard and all students are groomed for third level education. The SABIS® Educational System™ is an intense system of education where weekly testing occurs. The system of weekly testing, and immediate feedback on results, helps alert teachers to gaps in learning and enables them to take corrective action. Within the system there are a variety of programs, through the well-established SABIS Student Life Organization® to help those who find the work challenging, such as lunch time re-teaching sessions, clubs, extra afternoon classes and even Saturday school. 
    A structured system, dedicated staff, effective techniques and engaging books make the SABIS® system of education the success it is today.” 

    Ms. Ann Maria Hickey, Gr.1/Gr.2 Teacher
    ISC-Umm Al Quwain

  • “The International School of Choueifat — Umm Al Quwain has done a tremendous job delivering quality education, at an affordable cost, to the children of the community.  The skills being taught to these young people are important because one day they will be the leaders in the UAE.
    The SABIS® system of education has a positive effect on each child, it instills lifelong values, social and civic responsibility and the ambition to be the very best that one can be.” 

    ISC-Umm Al Quwain Parent

  • I believe that the SABIS curriculum truly challenges children at every grade and ability level. I also think that due to weekly and monthly testing students are comfortable in exam situations and therefore perform better. In addition this continuous assessment means that any student who is struggling is immediately identified by their teacher and their teacher can then revise and change teaching methods accordingly.
    Ms. Deirdre O’Donovan English Teacher

  • When I first joined SABIS, about 4 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the size, scope, and pace of its operations. However, what overwhelmed me even more, was the spirit and enthusiasm of all those who have been working within the system and who have given it their very best for many years. I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to work directly with such people, because, I can honestly say, I learned more in a few years with and from them, than I could have learned over so many years other where. Being a member of the SABIS family has been a very productive experience for me. In SABIS you don’t only teach, you learn as well. I feel honored to have taught the students at ISC-UAQ. Through the years, I have met students in this system who I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that will succeed in life and I feel privileged to have been instrumental in their lives.
    Mr. Assem Awni Math Teacher

  • I am a proud mother of two students at Choueifat Um Al Qiwain. Choueifat schools provide a unique learning experience for the students by having a strong academic system that helps the students improve their critical thinking skills as well as build a solid knowledge for them to be able to conquer the world in future! Their educational system is well structured and carefully planned to cater the children’s strength and help them build self-confidence and leadership skills, with an educational staff that is very dedicated and caring. They set the rules for respectful behavior and set high expectations for collaborative planning and professional development. In addition to that they encourage the students’ engagement in structured classroom routines that provide stability and direction. One of the fundamental beliefs at the school is to make pupils learn to be self-reliant through their educational system which ensures an exciting well rounded learning experience for the students and a stress free one for the parents. The regular assessment system at the school is very beneficial for students as it builds their knowledge, organizes their time and improves their overall academic performance as well as their ability to focus which makes them reach their goals. Last but not least, I would like to thank Choueifat UAQ administration for their efforts and support and for following up with the parents about their children’s academic and behavior process.
    ISC-Umm Al Quwain Parent Parent

  • The SABIS curriculum is modern and relevant in today's changing world. The SABIS point system which is used in the curriculum is an effective tool used to show progress in class and is used to measure success levels of completed sections of work. Students are easily able to relate the work content being taught with real life examples and are thus able to understand concepts as a whole. Students are also included in mentoring tasks and assisting students who do not immediately master sections of work.

    Working closely with administration staff at ISC UAQ has been a pleasure since I was employed in 2018. There is a positive work ethic within the school and teachers are encouraged to participate with events inside and outside of school, which include reading weeks, National Day celebrations and student school trips.
    Mr. Kevin Savage Teacher

  • The SABIS Educational System has an approach to education like no other. Learning each lesson points creates good focus in the classroom where both teachers and students aim to improve the class as a whole and not just focus on academically gifted students.

    The new campus of ISC- UAQ makes it the perfect environment for teaching and learning. Working in Umm Al Quwain has given me the opportunity to see a side of the UAE that I may otherwise not have experienced. There is a great sense of community which is the foundation of the great relationships between staff and students.
    Ms. Sara Fitzgerald Teacher