Campus Facilities

The state-of-the-art campus facilities at ISC-UAQ allow students every opportunity to discover new interests and hobbies. We offer spacious classrooms, science and computer laboratories, and a dedicated SABIS® Integrated Testing and Learning® (ITL®) Hall where students can take computerized exams. Our campus also houses a theater, cafeteria, and library providing an ideal space for learning and self-expression to take place.  Our extensive sports facilities, which include a semi-Olympic swimming pool, an indoor basketball/tennis court, and an Olympic Soccer field surrounded by a running track, provide students ample space to play the sports they love.

For our little ones, our independent and well-designed Kindergarten section is dedicated to the specific needs of children aged 3 to 5. Their very own indoor swimming pool, multipurpose indoor court, play areas, and a special car track ensure a safe and healthy environment for them to discover the world around them.


New Campus